Sunday, May 15, 2011

'Survivor' Winner To Be Crowned Tonight!

We're watching Survivor: Redemption Island RIGHT NOW ON CBS! Tonight, the winner of the 21st season of the hit show will be crowned, and we'll finally find out who will win the 1 million dollars! Could it be Grant? Andrea? Mike? Matt? Rob? Phillip? Natalie? Ashley? Find out right now on CBS! 8/7c! Tonight, the show is on for 2 hours + the live show at 10:00 where we'll find out who wins. We'll make updates, as the show progresses.

Update: Grant, Mike, and Matt have been eliminated from the game, in a dual at Redemption Island.
Update: Andrea has been voted out, in tribal council. Rob, Phillip, Natalie, and Ashley all voted for Andrea. Andrea voted for Rob.
Update: Four contestants are left.
Update: Ashley has been voted out, in tribal council. Rob, Phillip, and Natalie all voted for Ashley. Ashley voted for Phillip.
Update: Three contestants are left. Who do YOU think will win? Our bet's on Rob, and online polls are supporting that guess.
Update: Rob has won the 1 million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor! We knew he was gonna win!

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