Monday, August 20, 2012

Matt LaVernon "docks" into the harbor of porn

Translated from D├ęclaration de l'Nouvelles: Qu├ębec:

The secret is out - and so is the penis. Matt LaVernon appeared at the premiere of a new comedy-pornography film entitled Suck My Dock, in which he filmed a cameo appearance for in February.

In the cameo appearance, which is about 2 minutes long, LaVernon's character is seen swimming naked in a lake. He exits the lake, and quickly covers his "dock" with a towel; but not before we get to see a full-frontal of the actor, which only lasts about 2 seconds. The end of the clip ends with his character turning to a cabin, in which he notices that a trio of attractive women (one of which are played by LaVernon's wife, Sonja Deltrose) had been watching him during his swim, and had obviously got a look at his "dock". The girls are shown seductively giggling, discussing his "schlong", prompting LaVernon to give a sexy smirk, drop his towel, and begin approaching the cabin fully naked; his ass fully visible.

The film is an independent comedy-porn film scheduled to be released on Augsust 31, 2012 exclusively in France and Germany, but a release in other countries will follow within the coming weeks. LaVernon attended the premiere of the film in Gatineau, where he was asked if he would appear in more porn films, to which he replied, "I would never say never, but not for now. Right now, I have my first kid growing up and another kid on the way, so it wouldn't be a very good environment for my kids to be growing up in iv their father was running off getting payed to fuck people while he's still happily married, so right now it's a no. I was in the area, they asked me to do the cameo, it was something I had never done before, and it wasn't technically porn because I wasn't fucking any body, so I said 'to hell with it, sure, I'll do it'. To me, it's just being naked on camera if you're not having sex, and I think that's okay."

Friday, August 3, 2012

An Email from Josh Kingston

We have just received the following e-mail from Banana Recordz cover artist, Joshua Kingston, 16, who has asked us to publish this e-mail publicly.

"At this point, I have been signed to my record label for over 1 year. Banana Recordz, along with their viewers and my viewers, have allowed me to create numerous projects, songs, and records, and have continued to inspire me to work on bettering myself everyday. The components of my life of which I have improved over the past year include my vocals, communication skills, and knowledge on the music industry. Now, I feel I am finally ready to reveal another part of my life that has improved over the past year: my tolerance, appreciation, and respect for those around me, and myself.

Recently, I have been reminded and inspired by several aspects of society that are shaping a positive, sheltering future for our youth - a light at the tunnel, if you will. Our current world has begun to shape the history books of our future, and I have recently become inspired and moved by the recent changes on our planet and in our society. These changes have began to make me considerably question how I have kept a crucial aspect of my life private for so long. As a musician and writer, I feel that it is my job to allow others to feel as if they can relate to me and the stories that I compose in my music and upcoming literature works, which is why I have decided to reveal the most private thing in my life to the world.

I am bisexual. I have recently ended a relationship with a man, of which I was with for over 1 year. Now, as I have begun to ponder my ceased relationship, I have also begun to ponder the honesty that I have attempted to portray in my music. All 3 of my original songs that I have released to date are about he relationship that I had with this man. "Bend or Break" is regarding my pondering of whether our relationship will work out due to some of our differences. "In January" was written during a brief break-up that I had with him, in which I was imagining us working out our differences. "Eyes Open", my most recent single, was written shortly after our break-up, where I realized that our arguing and fighting was not worth the pain, which is also another important factor that has recently been addressed in our society. I have very recently begun a new relationship, with a person that respects me and my personality. I can honestly say that I have never been so happy, comfortable with myself, and proud of who I am.

I am excited to see how our society will continue to bring issues that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people to light, and how our society will continue to fight to bring justice to these people. Thank you all, I will now be taking a break from promoting my album for the remainder of August, in order to enjoy the chapter of my life that has just begun; being open with myself and the ones around me. See you all in September."

Banana Recordz did not respond before press time when asked for comment. First Stop News would like to wish Josh all the best, and are extremely happy that Josh has begun this new chapter in his life.