Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charlie Harper Dies Tragic Death

TMZ is reporting that Two and a Half Men will turn dark for a few minutes, when the new season premieres this September, when Alan and Jake learn that Charlie has - you guessed it - kicked the bucket.

CBS and Warner Bros. are making darn sure that Charlie Sheen will never come back to the show. The first show is scheduled to begin taping on August 5, and producers have been kicking around a few scenarios, which include Sheen's character, Charlie Harper driving a car over a cliff.

As for how Ashton Kutcher enters the picture, there's been talk that his character will purchase Charlie's house after Charlie bites the dust.

The first script has not yet been locked, and Lorre often makes changes until very close to taping, but it's pretty clear that Charlie is going to be wiped completely off the show.

As we previously predicted, this whole Charlie-is-dead thing is very predictable for a network like CBS, considering how gut-wrenchingly stupid they are.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sean Kingston Released from Hospital

After three weeks of being in the hospital, Sean Kingston has finally been released.

"Feeling a LOT better," Kingston tweeted, along with a photo of himself semi-smiling.

"GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!" he added.

The Beautiful Girls singer was rushed to a Miami hospital, last month after a jet-ski crash. He is expected to make a full recovery.

MTV to Re-Cast for 'Jersey Shore' Season 6!

Sources connected with Jersey Shore say MTV will say goodbye to the current cast when season five wraps.

Some big wigs on the show denied this last week, but we're told that MTV wants a fresh cast of characters when they wrap up Season 5, which is scheduled to begin shooting in New Jersey on Monday.

According to rumours, the current cast of the show have demanded too much money, and MTV hopes to find new, cheaper stars.

For fans of the show, don't worry - the show will still be around for another 2 seasons, and as for The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW, and Pauly D - the network has already signed them to spin-offs.

Friday, June 17, 2011

'Jersey Shore' Season 5 Confirmed

Plans are already in motion for a fifth season back in Seaside Heights -- but sources connected with the "Jersey" cast tell TMZ ... Pauly D, Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the gang refused to take part without signing new contracts first.

We're told MTV originally planned to shoot the new season under the terms of the Season 4 contracts -- but lawyers for the cast refused ... so MTV drew up new papers.

We're told the majority of the cast has already re-signed for a bump in salary -- not a HUGE raise, but still significant -- and the rest will sign this week.

The cast is scheduled to fly back from Italy on the 23rd -- and start shooting the new season in Jersey on the 26th. 495 Productions has not returned calls, and MTV had no comment.

'Friday' pulled from YouTube

The FUN, FUN, FUN is officially over - Rebecca Black has officially pulled her Friday video off of YouTube.

A rep for Black tells us, "We can confirm that we submitted a take down notice to YouTube as a result of the dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the Friday music video."

Black's people have threatened legal action against Ark Music, claiming the company that produced and wrote the song is wrongfully exploiting her image and her song, because Ark doesn't own the rights to either.

Earlier this week, Ark pushed up the cost of the music video to $2.99 on iTunes, without Black's consent. Clearly, the move pissed off Black's camp ... a camp that was simply looking forward to the weekend.
"Regarding the $2.99 fee added to [the] Friday video, I have NOTHING to do with this!" Black tweeted on Tuesday, "My manager and lawyer are on this and are going to get to the bottom of this!"

Ark is now hitting back at Black, saying they were "blindsided" by the singer's demand to take the video off of YouTube - and is taking a shot at the singer for not calling them first.

"We're dissapointed, having been in good faith negotiations with Rebecca Black and her representatives for months regarding any open issues," said a rep for Ark, "There’s been an ongoing, open dialogue with our company.  So we were blindsided to get a Take Down Notice -- with no notice -- alleging copyright infringement instead of a call or email from Rebecca’s representatives. We are going to continue to take the high road and work out the complaint as soon as possible."

The Friday video was uploaded in mid-February 2011, and went viral in mid-March. Black filmed a music video for her new song in May, and the Friday video was taken down sometime within the last few days. Her new music video is still yet to be released.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Jersey Shore" Update

It's been a while sense we've discussed the new season of MTV's Jersey Shore.

The cast of the show has now received a pay raise of $100,000 per episode. (That seems like a little much considering it's a reality show, and all they're really doing is being themselves.) This will be the first season to be filmed outside of the U.S. This season will be filmed in Italy. Filming began on May 13th, 2011 and the fourth season is currently scheduled to premiere on August 4th, 2011 at 10 p.m. on MTV. All cast members will return.

MTV has also reportedly given the green light to a fifth season. For the fifth season, they will reportedly be returning to Jersey.

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood hospitalized after alleged suicide attempt

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been rushed to the hospital, in Indiana after she reportedly attempted to commit suicide.

Police in Anderson, IN claim someone called 911 from Amber's home, claiming the 21-year-old "was depressed and threatning to end her own life".

According to law enforcement, Amber did not appear to be injured when cops arrived -- and she was promptly taken to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.

Amber is reportedly still in the hospital.

Selena Gomez out of hospital, feeling "much better"

Selena Gomez is out of the hospital, and has been sense Monday.

"Feeling much better, thank you all for being so understanding." Gomez tweeted, yesterday.

Gomez performed, yesterday at the Santa Monica outdoor mall in L.A, in one of the stops on the "Monte Carlo Mall Tour". Gomez is currently promoting her new movie, Monte Carlo which also stars Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy and is due to hit theatres on July 1st.

Gomez is now back home in Dallas, relaxing for a few days.

"Feels so good to be home. I love you Dallas!"

Gomez was admitted into an undisclosed L.A. hospital, on Thursday after taping an episode of The Tonight Show. She briefly left the hospital on Friday, but re-entered on Saturday. She was then released, again, late Sunday night.

So, take a deep breath, you stupid annoying "Beliebers" as you call yourselves because -- she's not pregnant.

Monday, June 13, 2011

America's Got Talent... and something else.

America's Got Talent accidentally aired an ad for porn, all because some dumbass forgot to clear his or her (but probably his) browser history.

The promo aired during last Wednesday's episode -- and if you freeze the video just right, you can see YouPorn.com show up as the person types in YouTube.com.

According to our computer experts, the only way YouPorn would have shown up was if someone using the computer had visited the site in the past.

Looks like AGT is a fun place to work.

Watch the video here:


(Credit: TMZ)

Update: According to a rep for YouPorn, this kind of things happens more often then you'd think, considering the website gets over 12 million hits per day. The site is actually more popular than MySpace. YouPorn is on AlexaRank 81, while MySpace is on AlexaRank 86.

The rep says, "We'd like to thank our friend at NBC for visiting us, and we hope he comes again..."

Charlie Sheen -- New Show !?

Charlie Sheen is reportedly negotiating a "big offer" for a new TV series that could debut as early as January 2012.

Charlie's reps are in "deep negotiations" and the deal could be done by the end of the week.

No details about the sitcom have been revealed, but obviously, Chuck Lorre, CBS, and Warner Bros. are NOT involved.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Selena Gomez -- Hospital Update

Selena Gomez has undergone a number of tests for blood pressure issues, since being hospitalized on Thursday.

Gomez was rushed to the hospital on Thursday after taping an appearance on The Tonight Show, when she was complaining of nausea and a severe headache. She was released on Friday, but re-entered on Saturday.

Sources say the 18-year-old star of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place has undergone a number of tests for blood pressure issues, but so far - doctors haven't been able to determine what's causing the problem.


Gomez is scheduled to perform at Santa Monica Place on Monday, and to co-host the 2011 Much Music Video Awards, on Sunday June 19th. It is unknown if these appearances will be cancelled due to Gomez's health issues.

Oh, and she's not pregnant.

"Super 8" Review

Today, we are reviewing the newest Steven Spielberg film to hit theatres, "Super 8".

This science fiction film, directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg follows the story of a group of kids who are filming a Super 8 movie, when a train de-rails and releases a dangerous alien into their town.

This 112-minute long movie stars Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, and Kyle Chandler and completely locks our eyes on the screen, with stunning visual effects, amazing acting, a revolutionary plot, and loveable characters. During the epic derail scene, we literally had our mouths hanging open, and we're surprised they could manage to create such an action-packed film with a budget of just $50 million.

You have to see this movie, no question. It's without a doubt the best movie of the year, so far.

Special Effects: 10/10
Acting: 9.5/10
Storyline: 9.5/10

Overall mark: 9.7

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whatever Happened To Hilary Duff?

So, no one has really heard about Hilary Duff sense about 2006, when she was in Material Girls and we started to wonder, "Whatever happened to her?"

So, we decided to do a little research, and we've learned she'll be back this year in the new movie She Wants Me which follows a neurotic writer working on his new film gets into a tricky situation when an A-list actress shows interest in the role intended for his girlfriend. It's unknown if the film will be a major or minor release.

Hilary also got married to her boyfriend of three years, NHL player Mike Combrie in August 2010. She also starred in Bloodworth a minor release, which was released in February 2010 at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and was released theatrically on May 20th, 2011. She wrote a book called Elixir a young adult fiction novel

"The Glee Project"

Apparently, Glee is taking on the Next Pussycat Doll reality-type thing, with a new reality show called The Glee Project.

Basically, it's a show that will premiere on June 12th, 2011 on the Oxygen network. The twelve contestants will compete for a role in the third season of Glee, which is set to debut this September on FOX.

I don't really see why anyone would want to be on this show.

Undersea Explorer wants to find Bin Laden's body

Even when he's dead, Osama bin Laden is still the world's most wanted man - or at least, he is to Bill Warren, who is determined to find out once and for all if the terrorist is really dead.

Warren, a treasure hunter and explorer says "the purpose of the excursion is to try to find out if [Osama] is really dead and to provide the world truth that he is... We do this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Obama failed to provide the proof. I do not trust my government or Obama."
The underwater search will take place in the North Arabian sea, where a U.S. Navy ship alledgedly dumped bin Laden's body, back in May.

"We intend to locate/recover his body and photograph and video tape him, then do a DNA test on the ship." Warren explains. He tells us he's planning to use several boats and top of the line technology to perform the search, and he's planning to take a film crew along with him to document every minute of the trip.

The operation is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Osama Bin Laden, the man behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, was killed in Pakistan on May 1st, 2011, and his body was quickly dumped in the sea, as the government knew it would be hard to find a country willing to adopt the body of the terrible man.

More information on the excursion will be published as it becomes available.

Demi, Justin, Kenny take to twitter to wish Selena well.

Justin Bieber: "#getwellselena"

Demi Lovato: "@selenagomez praying for you friend.. Love you.. #getwellselena"

Kenny Hamilton: "Praying for my lil sis @selenagomez #getwellselena"

All of us here at First Stop are wishing Selena well, and a quick and full recovery to whatever bug she's come down with. (:

Friday, June 10, 2011

'Hangover' Face Tattoo to be digitally altered for DVD

Warner Bros. claims Ed Helms' face tattoo will be digitally altered when "The Hangover 2" goes to DVD -- after the artist who designed the infamous Mike Tyson tat sued the studio for ripping him off.

The studio filed new docs on Monday in their legal battle with S. Victor Whitmill -- who inscribed the tribal face tat on Tyson back in 2003 -- claiming, "Warner Bros. does not intend to make any use of the allegedly infringing tattoo after the film ends its run in the theaters because Warner Bros. will digitally alter the film to substitute a different tattoo on Ed Helms’s face."

As we previously reported, Whitmill sued the studio back in April claiming copyright infringement -- but a judge refused to block the movie's release.

Whitmill has been threatening to take the matter to trial ever since -- but now that Warner Bros. plans to alter the offending ink ... the studio insists a trial won't be necessary.

Developing Story: Selena Gomez Rushed to Hospital


Looks like someone's come down with a legitimate Bieber fever.

According to TMZ, Selena Gomez, 18, star of Disney's hit show Wizards of Waverly Place was rushed to an undisclosed L.A. hospital, Thursday night after an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she discussed her parents, her 17-year-old tweeny-bopper boyfriend, Justin Bieber, her new album, and her new movie. Sources say she experienced nausea and a severe headache during and after the appearance on the show, forcing Gomez to cancel a planned Friday night performance at Santa Monica Place.

"Last night after Selena's appearance on The Tonight Show she wasn't feeling well and was taken to the hospital." Selena's rep said on Friday, "She is currently undergoing routine tests."

'#GetWellSelena' is currently a trending topic on Twitter.

Even when she's hospitalized, and her exact condition is unknown, she's still receiving hate from the Belieb-farts.

"I know you're probably sore from the dicking you took from last night from Justin," said @brandonrofl.

"She just had bad sushi. I don't care and my sister told me they broke up, they [Bieber and Selena] can't work out. Anyways, that's pedophelia." said a stupid idiot named Faith M. Reedy via Facebook on a comment on a post on US Weekly.

"Why do these so-called famous people rush to the hospital when they have nausea, vomiting and a headache. Fill up our ER's for non-life threatening things such as this. Go home eat some crackers, sip on some club soda and rest for a few days! Her and Jennifer Hudson did the same thing!" said a stupid nobody named Sandy Malone-Martin via Facebook on a comment on a post on US Weekly.
And of course, cue pregnancy rumors in three...two...one...
"Prego!! (:" said Kathy Haass on the same US Weekly post.
Our opinion? We're guessing it's probably pretty serious, if she's been in the hospital for nearly 24 hours, now. She's obviously not pregnant, but there's gotta be something up. We send her our support. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rebecca Black -- New Music Video Update

Rebecca Black dropped in to BOP magazine and TIGER BEAT magazine, recently. There's a photo from her visit.

In other stupid news, Rebecca revealed on her official Twitter account, yesterday that she had just seen a "rough edit" of her new music video, saying "AHHHH!! You guys are gunna go crazy."

The music video for her new single was filmed on May 21st and May 22nd. It is unclear if the song and the music video were produced through Ark Music Factory, which produced her previous, largely-hated song, Friday.

As of June 3rd, 2011, the Friday music video has surprassed 157 million views. Comments on the video were disabled, last month.

Charlie Sheen is out of the picture - literally.

Warner Brothers has offiically gotten rid of Charlie Sheen, by removing the poster from the outerwall of the studio, and replacing it with simply a picture of the series' logo. Obviously, the new poster is only temporary. A picture of the new and improved cast, including Ashton Kutcher, should be up on the wall soon.

Charlie Sheen Moving to Paris !

Okay, so not exactly.

During the last original episode of Two and a Half Men that aired on February 14th, Charlie Sheen's character, Charlie Harper and his neighbour, Rose were headed to the airport to catch a flight to Paris.

It's likely Men producer, Chuck Lorre will use this as a way to get rid of Charlie Harper. However, the flight on this episode was never actually intended to be a cliffhanger - it just happened that the episode was the last one shot before Sheen went crazy.

The obvious scenario - which CBS is probably stupid enough to go for - would be a plane crash, killing off Charlie. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the producers will actually use this scenario. They'll probably just say that Charlie moved to Paris, and move on.

Darn it. We were hoping for a good "The main character's dead" episode. Oh well.

"Kung Fu Panda 2" Review

Today, we are reviewing the newest DreamWorks animated to hit the box-office, "Kung Fu Panda 2".

This 3D film follows the story of Po, the kung-fu panda we all know and love, voiced by noneother then Jack Black.

This 91-minute-long film is packed full of amazing, beautiful, extraordinary special effects that piece together the film in a way that fixes our eyes on the big screen, making us trying not to blink.

This movie is not just a movie. It's art.

While the storyline may seem a little familiar to fans of the first installment, there's enough action, comedy, and visual treats to make this film the must-see-movie of the Spring.

Special Effects: 9.5/10
Voice Acting: 8/10
Storyline: 7/10

Overall mark: 8/10

Joe Jonas "See No More" Review

Today, we are reviewing Joe Jonas' debut single off his debut new solo album. The song is called See No More and was released, today.

Take a look at the song by clicking here.

So, the song is just over 3 and a half minutes of pure, classic, one-man show, Joe. The problem is, we're just not sure if that's a good thing.

While Joe clearly has faith in the song, considering he's been tweeting constantly over the past month, and even more within the past few days, we're just not that into the song.

Taking a break from the Joe topic, the background music is annoying, and we can't help but get distracted from Joe's voice to listen to the unrecognizable Band Dynamics.

The song is clearly meant for someone with a more powerful voice, and while it is a solo song - we can't help but keep waiting for Nick Jonas' voice to pop in somewhere along the lines, and maybe for Kevin Jonas to pick up the guitar and make his way into the song, but it's just four minutes of Joe. Plain-old Joe.

Joe's Vocals: 5/10
Background Music: 2/10
Lyrics: 6/10

Overall mark: 4/10

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian Ditches Surname!

Goodbye, Kim Kardashian ... HELLO, Kim Humphries -- TMZ has learned ... the BIGGEST name in reality television will soon cease to exist ... because Kim K will be taking her soon-to-be husband's last name.
That's right -- sources close to Kim are adamant ... the most famous Kardashian of them all will "for sure" take NBA star Kris Humphries' last name when the couple ties the knot this summer.

Which might piss off Kim's mom, Kris Jenner -- who recently told Popeater.com, "I don’t think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries ... She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she’s worked so hard to get where she is.”

It's kind of a stupid last name... kind of unnatractive.

'Camp Rock 2' Star -- Rescued After Ducati Crash

Matthew "Mdot" Finley -- star of Disney's "Camp Rock 2" -- is recovering from a bone-crushing Ducati accident last week ... in which he lost control of his bike and plummeted off of a 100-foot cliff in Malibu.

TMZ has learned ... L.A. County Fire trucks and paramedics raced to the scene Thursday afternoon and several responders had to hike down the steep slope to retrieve the 23-year-old actor.

We're told Finley was trying to make a turn on Mulholland Drive when he lost control of the bike and went crashing down the side of the cliff.

Finley was transported to UCLA Medical Center ... where he was treated for multiple compound fractures as well as injuries to his face and head. We're told Finley has already undergone several surgeries to repair damage to his leg ... and will require more surgery in the near future.

Through his rep, Eric Ortner, Finley released a statement saying, "I crashed hard, but the love and support from my friends, fans, and family have helped ease the pain."

He continues, "I love riding, almost as much as I love dancing.  I'm praying to be back doing both soon.  I want to thank the brave responders, firefighters, paramedics and doctors who rescued me and saved me."

With Sean Kingston, Mdot, AND David Beckham getting into harsh crashes lately, we're asking; what gives?

Shaquille O'Neal Retires!

Sha'quille is Sha'retiring.

After nineteen years in the NBA, the 39-year-old Shaquille O'Neal announced he was retiring, earlier tonight, with a video released through his Twitter account.

 "We did it. Nineteen years baby. I want to thank you very much, that's why I'm telling you first, I'm about to retire. Love you, talk to you soon."