Monday, December 31, 2012

Robin Roberts to take extended leave from 'Good Morning America'

Reports surfaced yesterday that newscaster Robin Roberts will extend her medical leave from Good Morning America.

Roberts, 52, began an extended medical leave from GMA on August 30, 2012 (a day earlier than planned) in order to receive her bone marrow transplant due to her MDS, a condition that she announced that she had received in June, and to attend the health of her mother, Lucimarian Roberts (born February 5, 1924) following Hurricane Isaac. Lucimarian died a few hours after Robin's arrival on the same day that she began her medical leave.

Roberts underwent her bone marrow transplant in September, a transplant which she received from her older sister, Sally-Ann Roberts. She was released from the hospital on October 11, three weeks after undergoing the transplant.

Sources connected to Roberts and GMA stated that Roberts' immune system is currently extremely weak, which will cause her return to the show to be delayed to May at the earliest, but more likely June. Sources are stating that Roberts could return by February, however that she is taking the necessary 5-6 months on the bench. A rep said that Roberts "isn't crazy about [taking an extended leave] but realizes it's necessary". Cards and emails wishing Roberts well are reportedly coming in by the truckload, and GMA producers predict that Roberts' return will boost ratings for the show even higher, which may cause problems for rival program Today.

We're wishing all the best for Robin.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama on vacation in the Bahamas

Several media outlets are reporting that X Factor judge Demi Lovato and That 70's Show star Wilmer Valderrama are currently vacationing in the Bahamas.

The two have reportedly been in an on-and-off relationship for the last year or two, however Lovato, 20, has stated several times that she is not interested in having any relationships anytime soon. Despite this, the two are very frequently spotted together, with Valderrama, 32, visiting Lovato on the set of X Factor last month, and reports surfacing in September that the couple has reconciled their relationship.

Lovato's rep attempted to keep the vacay on the DL, by saying on Friday that Demi wasn't in the Bahamas or with Wilmer. Despite this, paparazzi pictures surfaced pretty quickly. Lovato tweeted about her sunburns on Thursday and on Saturday, and on Sunday tweeted "Vacations aren't even fun anymore :(", likely referring to the paparazzi pictures of the former Disney star surfacing onto the web. Lovato later retweeted a tweet from a fan who was vacationing in the same place, saying that the paparazzi were "totally wrong" and that "they should be kicked out".

Fellow X Factor judge, Simon Cowell was also spotted catching some rays, when he was photographed jet-skiing in Barbados on Sunday, with reports stating that Cowell ducked out of U.S. in order to avoid awkward questions regarding the judging panel on the upcoming third season of X Factor USA, with L.A. Reid exiting and Britney Spears reportedly on her way out.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant

Twitter is currently exploding, with Kanye West announcing just moments ago that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with his child.

West, 35 stopped partway through a concert at the Revel entertainment resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey to address the audience, saying "Stop the music and make noise for my baby mama", pointing to Kardashian, 32 who had been sitting in one of the sold out seats during the performance.

West and Kardashian have been in a relationship since April and have previously denied pregnancy rumors. In October 2010, Kardashian began dating NBA player Kris Humphries, 27, to whom she became engaged to in May 2011 and married on August 20, 2011. The marriage lasted just 72 days, when Kardashian filed for divorce from Humphries on Halloween 2011. The horribly short marriage was highly criticized by several media outlets, who called the marriage a publicity stunt in order to generate attention to the Kardashian family's brand and ventures. Kardashian's former publicist stated that the wedding was indeed staged and an attempt to generate money. Kardashian filed a lawsuit against the publicist, calling his claims "untrue". It is expected that the divorce will be finalized by May, with Kardashian and Humphries expected to meet in a court to continue divorce proceedings in February.

Kanye West ended his on-and-off 6-year relationship with designer Alexis Phifer in 2008. The relationship had begun in 2002, with West eventually proposing in August 2006. The proposal was called off in 2008, with West reportedly focusing and dedicating all his time to his concert tour which caused the couple's relationship to become strained and eventually collapse. Phifer told People that she remains friends with West. West was in a high-profile on-and-off relationship with model, recording artist, and actress Amber Rose from 2008 to Summer of 2010. Rose became engaged to Wiz Khalifa in March 2012 and is expecting her first child with him in January.

Tonight, #kimye (Kardashian and West's couple name), Khloe, Kanye, Kris Humphries, Ray J (Kardashian's ex-boyfriend), and Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z's child) are trending worldwide on Twitter.

12/31/12 1:19 pm Update: The pregnancy has been confirmed. Kim Kardashian released a statement on her official website saying "It's true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forwards to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!! Xo". Accompanied with the statement is a black and white image of Kardashian and West embracing in what appears to be a dressing room. Sources confirm that Kim is 12 weeks pregnant, and apparently several members of the Kardashian clan have been sitting on the secret. The kid was reportedly conceived while the couple was vacationing in Vatican City in October when they were celebrating West's birthday. The child is due in June.

Our "X Factor" USA Season 3 Judge and Host Predictions

With the second season over and auditions for the third season (which are scheduled to start on March 6, 2013 in L.A. and wrap on May 14, 2013 in Denver) rapidly approaching, its time to start making predictions for the judging panel and host(s) of The X Factor season 3.

At this point, it seems likely that Britney Spears will be asked to exit the show as a judge or at least to accept a pay cut. While it would seem absurd to say that she wasn't a successful judge, with her incredible act Carly Rose Sonenclar being the runner-up, and one of her other acts Diamond White finishing fifth, producers are reportedly disappointed with Spears' enthusiasm as a judge. Radar Online and US Weekly are both reporting that the $15 million that Spears received to judge the show's season was not a hugely worthwile investment, with Spears often appearing distracted and giving half-hearted claps and one-liner compliments to the show's contestants. If Spears were to return, she would need to accept a fairly major pay cut, which seems unlikely considering pay raises are usually imminent for judges when they agree to take part in an additional season. Spears' $15 million contract made her the highest payed singing show judge ever, and after watching the entire season, we can't say that Spears gave a $15 million effort. Despite this, Simon Cowell has stated that he would like to have Spears return. Our guess is that Spears will be fired as a judge.

While Spears' dismissal is fairly clear and likely, we can't say the same thing for Demi Lovato. While we can see and hope that Lovato will return for the next season, it seems as if the producers may be on-the-fence about renewing Lovato's contract for season 3. Lovato, who is 20, was the show's youngest and most inexperienced judge, however despite this, it would make sense to keep Lovato as a judge as she knows what youth audiences are listening to and can use this knowledge to her benefit as a judge. However, Lovato's last remaining act, CeCe Frey finished in sixth place, which left Lovato the first judge to have all her acts eliminated, making her the least successful judge. Lovato's pay was never revealed to the public, however it was estimated to be anywhere between $6 million - $13 million, making her a fairly cheap judge (when compared to Britney Spears), which would be a beneficial factor (pun intended) to keep her as a judge. Lovato has stated that she has "no idea what's gonna happen next season", nor does she think that anyone does. Lovato stated, "Just like L.A. is, I'm trying to build a career for my own too. It was an amazing experience and I loved doing the show," which may have hinted that she may not return for season 3, but she then went on to say "It's just, there's no way to tell. I have no idea". Our guess is that Lovato will be asked to return since she is an extremely popular figure in the youth demographic, however will likely suffer from a pay cut or a pay freeze.

On the other hand, hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom have both stated that they would like to return for the third season. Khloe has stated "Of course I [want to return], who wouldn't? It's a party!". Khloe stated that she likes to keep her fans in "suspense" and won't reveal whether she will return as a host for a while, hinting that she probably hasn't signed an official contract yet. Don't get us wrong - we love Khloe, but it seemed as if most of the time her co-host Mario Lopez was doing most of the talking while Khloe just stood there smiling at the camera. However, her performance as a host is warranted, as this is basically the first time that she ever hosted anything, while Mario has had tons of experience. Our guess is that Mario and Khloe will both be asked to return for season 3.

So, who will replace L.A. Reid (and possibly Spears)?

If our predictions were to be right, Lovato and Cowell would fill one chair for each gender, respectively, which would likely lead to the producers hiring 1 male judge and 1 female judge (unless they were to decide to take The Voice's route by hiring 3 of one gender and 1 of the other gender). Since Cowell serves as an older male judge, and Lovato serves as a younger female judge, it would make sense to hire an older female judge (over the age of 30) and a younger male judge (between the ages of 18 and 30).

To fill the older female judge seat, we think that Shania Twain, Fergie, Madonna, Celine Dion, Cher, Lady Gaga, and P!nk could all make valuable contributions to the show, with our personal favorite choice to be Shania Twain, however it would seem unlikely that Twain would join considering her involvement in her Las Vegas residency Shania: Still the One which is ongoing through 2013. Twain also has experience as a judge, as she appeared a guest judge during an episode of American Idol in 2010. Simon Cowell has expressed his interest for Twain to join the panel. Fergie, who Mario Lopez has suggested, could also be seriously considered as a judge, with The Black Eyed Peas currently on hiatus. Madonna would probably be an unlikely candidate due to her controversial antics, however her MDNA Tour has just wrapped up which would likely give her a free schedule. Celine Dion would probably be unlikely as well, due to her being occupied by the release of her album Water and a Flame, which is due out in April 2013, along with her participation in her Las Vegas residency Celine. Cher would likely be unlikely as well, due to her possibly becoming too old for the job, and her working on her broadway show, new album, and upcoming tour. Lady Gaga would also be fairly unlikely, as her contract would likely be ridiculously high, and her busy schedule including the continuation of her Born This Way Ball Tour, her upcoming album Artpop, and her documentary film. P!nk would be a more likely candidate to fill the seat. Although her The Truth About Love Tour will be taking place from February through September 2013, it wouldn't be difficult to cancel a few of these tour dates. Also, since live shows do not begin until October/November, she would have a clear schedule for the live episodes. Simon Cowell has also recruited Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, and Kim Kardashian as judges. We feel that all 3 of these girls would be extremely unlikely candidates for judges. Perry shut down a $20 million offer to judge American Idol during its 2013 season due to a busy schedule, so it seems unlikely that she would agree to judge The X Factor. Jessica Simpson would also be unlikely, as just days ago she announced her second pregnancy, so it would be hard to work a schedule for filming a show around the birth of a child. Kim Kardashian also seems unlikely, since her sister Khloe is already hosting and if they were to hire Kim they might as well just fire all the other judges and hosts and just let the entire Kardashian clan take over the show. This is X Factor, not Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Our prediction is that Fergie or P!nk could be possible additions to the panel.

To fill the younger male judge seat, we think that Bruno Mars, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Ed Sheeran could all make valuable contributions to the panel and their schedules appear to be mainly empty.