Friday, June 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Moving to Paris !

Okay, so not exactly.

During the last original episode of Two and a Half Men that aired on February 14th, Charlie Sheen's character, Charlie Harper and his neighbour, Rose were headed to the airport to catch a flight to Paris.

It's likely Men producer, Chuck Lorre will use this as a way to get rid of Charlie Harper. However, the flight on this episode was never actually intended to be a cliffhanger - it just happened that the episode was the last one shot before Sheen went crazy.

The obvious scenario - which CBS is probably stupid enough to go for - would be a plane crash, killing off Charlie. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the producers will actually use this scenario. They'll probably just say that Charlie moved to Paris, and move on.

Darn it. We were hoping for a good "The main character's dead" episode. Oh well.

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