Monday, June 13, 2011

America's Got Talent... and something else.

America's Got Talent accidentally aired an ad for porn, all because some dumbass forgot to clear his or her (but probably his) browser history.

The promo aired during last Wednesday's episode -- and if you freeze the video just right, you can see show up as the person types in

According to our computer experts, the only way YouPorn would have shown up was if someone using the computer had visited the site in the past.

Looks like AGT is a fun place to work.

Watch the video here:

(Credit: TMZ)

Update: According to a rep for YouPorn, this kind of things happens more often then you'd think, considering the website gets over 12 million hits per day. The site is actually more popular than MySpace. YouPorn is on AlexaRank 81, while MySpace is on AlexaRank 86.

The rep says, "We'd like to thank our friend at NBC for visiting us, and we hope he comes again..."

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