Friday, June 3, 2011

Joe Jonas "See No More" Review

Today, we are reviewing Joe Jonas' debut single off his debut new solo album. The song is called See No More and was released, today.

Take a look at the song by clicking here.

So, the song is just over 3 and a half minutes of pure, classic, one-man show, Joe. The problem is, we're just not sure if that's a good thing.

While Joe clearly has faith in the song, considering he's been tweeting constantly over the past month, and even more within the past few days, we're just not that into the song.

Taking a break from the Joe topic, the background music is annoying, and we can't help but get distracted from Joe's voice to listen to the unrecognizable Band Dynamics.

The song is clearly meant for someone with a more powerful voice, and while it is a solo song - we can't help but keep waiting for Nick Jonas' voice to pop in somewhere along the lines, and maybe for Kevin Jonas to pick up the guitar and make his way into the song, but it's just four minutes of Joe. Plain-old Joe.

Joe's Vocals: 5/10
Background Music: 2/10
Lyrics: 6/10

Overall mark: 4/10

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