Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charlie Harper Dies Tragic Death

TMZ is reporting that Two and a Half Men will turn dark for a few minutes, when the new season premieres this September, when Alan and Jake learn that Charlie has - you guessed it - kicked the bucket.

CBS and Warner Bros. are making darn sure that Charlie Sheen will never come back to the show. The first show is scheduled to begin taping on August 5, and producers have been kicking around a few scenarios, which include Sheen's character, Charlie Harper driving a car over a cliff.

As for how Ashton Kutcher enters the picture, there's been talk that his character will purchase Charlie's house after Charlie bites the dust.

The first script has not yet been locked, and Lorre often makes changes until very close to taping, but it's pretty clear that Charlie is going to be wiped completely off the show.

As we previously predicted, this whole Charlie-is-dead thing is very predictable for a network like CBS, considering how gut-wrenchingly stupid they are.

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