Monday, November 21, 2011

"You Just Got Mugged!" Season 3 may be final season

Matthew LaVernon said in an interview today that the third and upcoming season of You Just Got Mugged! would likely be the final season, saying, "I don't think Shocking Autumn will be interested in a fourth season. I think they want to end the series after Season 3 and start fresh." However, he denies rumors that he wants to leave the show. "I don't want to leave or cancel [the show]," he said, "As long as viewers and fans are still watching and enjoying it, I'll keep going, but I just don't know if [Shocking Autumn Studios is] fully interested in a continuation."

Shocking Autumn Studios issued a statement a few hours later, saying, "We are still fully committed to the series, but we would like to focus on the third season and upcoming film, as well as our other projects, at this time."

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