Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PTC is stupid

The Parents Television Council has been freaking out and voicing their irrelevant opinions and fining television networks since 1995. On their website, the PTC states that their mission is to "promote and restore responsibility and decency to the entertainment industry in answer to America's demand for positive, family-oriented television programming." I really do feel sorry for the idiots that run this organization, because for some reason they feel that if a television program is rated 14+ and has a viewer discretion advisory notice before the broadcast, it still needs to be "decent". They also file complaints against networks when they use words like "fuck".

I don't even know where to begin in this rant. First of all, PTC says that they're mission is to make sure television programming is "family oriented" even though families don't even watch these programs together, and the programs are targeted and promoted to adult audiences. I don't think there is/should be a law about profane words and content on television in the United States, and if the programs are being targeted to adults and include a 14+ rating in that little black box that shows up in the corner, then what else does FTC want the networks to do? It seems as if you can't watch anything these days without there being something bleeped out. When is PTC going to realize that this is just the world and that these children go to school and live in the real world - in reality, children know what profane words are not just from television (because television doesn't affect children's words and behaviour at all) and god dammit, they here the profane words from their parents and adults themselves. I think their parents and peers have a much bigger influence on the children than a dirty television program. Does PTC think that the thought that the world is full of rainbows and butterflies and fantasies and dreams exist should be maintained in Children's heads? If kids had more profanity and inappropriate things in their life, they would accept it and it wouldn't affect them at all, but no, PTC has to make sure that they sugar coat everything.

All in all, the PTC are a bunch of senseless, cotton candy-headed, nosy morons that need to mind their own business and put their efforts and money in more important things, and not just the profane word that a 10-year-old kid heard on television last Sunday, that they completely ignored because they hear it all the time in school.

Here's a place to put your money and stupid efforts, PTC: To the Red Cross, who try to help out children that don't have television, in the first place. I'm sure they need your money a whole lot than a bunch of stupid, overprotective crap organizations that you're wasting all your money on.

PTC, grow up and get a life.

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