Monday, November 7, 2011

The Verdict is in: Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Just moments ago, Dr. Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson's private doctor) was proclaimed guilty of involuntary manslaughter for Jackson's June 2009 death.

Jackson's sister, LaToya Jackson screamed out immediately upon hearing the 1:17pm (PDT) verdict, while Jackson fans celebrated the vedict outside of the courtroom. All of the 12 jurors had agreed with the verdict. The 58-year-old doctor is scheduled to be sentenced on November 29th, and could face up to four years in prison. He could also lose his medical license. The prosecution ordered Murray to be taken into custody immediately.

Jackson had been suffering insomnia, and Murray proceeded to give him doses of anesthetic propofol (which is not supposed to be used outside of operation/surgery rooms) as well as some other sedatives to Jackson as he was unable to sleep to prepare for his upcoming final concert tour, This Is It. Murray's lawyers originally stated that Jackson had given himself a dose of the propofol while Murray wasn't looking making Jackson responsible for his own death, however this theory was dismissed by a prosecution expert. Murray stated that he had formed a close friendship with the 50-year-old pop singer, and never intended to harm him.

Jackson was found dead in bed at his rented California mansion on July 25, 2009, and was expected to have died during the night. Jackson had searched for a doctor that would agree to give him the propofol, as he was deeply craving sleep, and other medical professionals turned him down. For six weeks, Murray gave Jackson a nightly dose of propofol, but became reluctant to give him the medication eventually, fearing that Jackson had become addicted to the drug. The night of his death, Murray gave Jackson a small dose of the drug (25 milligrams) which seemed to put the singer to sleep. Murray left Jackson's bedside for a few moments. When he returned, Jackson was already dead.

If you're still on Murray's side, this will be the part where you'll switch sides: When Murray found Jackson unconscious, he proceeded to perform CPR on Jackson's bed, instead of on the firm floor. When Jackson did not respond, Murray proceeded to hide and pack up the medicine bottles and IV equipment and nervously made several calls on his mobile phone, before calling emergency services.

Authorities never accused Murray of intending to kill the star, and it took eight months for authorities to file the involuntary manslaughter charges against Murray. The authorities stated that giving Jackson the doses of propofol was a terrible idea, as Murray had been lacking lifesaving equipment, which led to the disastrous tragedy of Jackson's death.

As for the mystery of what happened behind the closed doors of Jackson's bedroom on that day - we will probably never know.

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