Monday, November 14, 2011

Series, "You Just Got Mugged!" returns for a 3rd season

TORONTO - Hit online miniseries, You Just Got Mugged, which premiered on April 7, 2011 and is currently about to wrap up it's second season and move on to a spin-off film, due out in February, has reportedly been renewed for a third season.

Information about a third season of the series issued on Friday, when Shocking Autumn Studios, the studio that co-produces the series along with series creator Matthew LaVernon, announced that they would issue a press release on November 19, 2011 concerning the future of the series. Around 6 pm Toronto time today, a paragraph of the press release leaked onto the internet, confirming that the series would be returning for a third season. The press release is presumably legitimate, as it features signatures from LaVernon, along with Shocking Autumn executive, Robert Kents and president, James Hurkoy. A digital copy of the full press release was scheduled to be released on Saturday at 11 am Toronto time on Shocking Autumn's official Tumblr account, however Shocking Autumn Studios pulled the release from their site's queue immediately after learning that the document had leaked. Speculation continues, while the renewal has already been confirmed.

"Since the press release has already been leaked, I might as well announce it," LaVernon tweeted at 7:15 Monday evening, "You Just Got Mugged has been renewed for a third season."

LaVernon's tweet was immediately followed by Shocking Autumn Studios official release of the document at 7:23. The full document states, "We are extremely excited to announce that You Just Got Mugged! has been renewed for a third season. We are thankful for the contributions from our team and the dedication we have received from viewers that help continue to make the series a unique, incredible experience and we are fully committed to assuring that the series will maintain it’s humor and charm with these upcoming episodes. Information on air dates and episodes will be announced in the near future, when they become available."

The three coffee mugs that the series revolves around; Jon, Sheena, and Billy will appear in the film spin-off of You Just Got Mugged: The Movie, which is currently being filmed in Los Angeles. The film will be released on February 6, 2012.

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