Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why "So Random!" will be cancelled

When Demi Lovato announced she was quitting Sonny with a Chance, Disney Channel scrambled to turn the show-within-a-show 'So Random!' into it's own show. After nearly six months of production, the new series premiered on June 5, 2011. With six episodes aired already, and a seventh episode set to air this Sunday, views and ratings have already plummeted. The most recent episode, which aired on July 17 went as low as just 2.7 million views. This was an all-time low for the series, and we're only six episodes in. We can easily tell that this series won't be back for a second season. Other shows that have been cancelled on Disney, like JONAS L.A. for example, had an all-time low of 2.8 million, which is still 100,000 more than the all time low for So Random!. Plus, despite the fact that no one's watching the show, it's just an unfunny show. Other critics have said it, and I'll say it, too: Without Demi, the show is nothing. The show also costs a lot of money to produce, considering only 13 episodes were ordered  for the first season, and it must cost an awful lot of money to get stars like Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance, Tony Hawk, and Selena Gomez to guest star. If nobody's watching, the ratings are down, and the production costs are up, than a cancellation is almost unavoidable. It won't be any more than 2 months before Disney pulls the plug on the show. And that's not a so random estimate.


  1. and yet they just aired their halloween special. Im with you though this sucks its like the office without Steve Carrell

  2. i really miss that show the only thing i can watch it now is on my phone