Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eminem 'Recovery' Sells 1 Million Digital Copies!

American rapper, Eminem has officially become the only artist to sell 1 million copies of a digital album, with his massive hit record, Recovery. has announced that 1,001,000 digital copies of the album have been sold. Recovery is the best-selling album of 2010, and is now the best-selling digital album of all time.

Recovery has also earned the rapper a Grammy award for Best Rap Album. The album sold 741,000 copies in it's first week, alone.

This milestone is very big, as only 12 titles have reached the 500,000 digital sales mark. Right behind Slim Shady is Adele, who's 21 album is expected to reach 1 million digital sales by next week.

Together, anywhere between 3.9 and 5.7 million copies of the album have been sold, including the digital sales.

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