Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Cyrus" Review

Today, we're reviewing the newest film to hit DVD and Blu-Ray, Cyrus.

This comedy-drama film which stars John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, and Marisa Tomei follows an interesting-made-boring plot about 2 men: a boyfriend and a son, trying to win a woman's affection. Although the film does include some kind-of-good performances, the acting is so covered up with stupidness, it's gotten to a point where we forgot that there are actually a-list actors in this movie. Blantly unfunny, and stupidly boring, the film is annoying and unhonest, and seems like an actual funny short film that has been stretched out so much that we barely even remember what the plot was about, by the time the credits roll. This film doesn't meet it's full potential, and seems like much more of a drama film than a comedy film. The only thing funny about this movie is how bad it was.

Comedy: 0.1/10
Drama: 2/10
Acting: 2.5/10
Plot: 2.5/10

Overall rating: 1.5/10

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