Friday, April 22, 2011

Will Susan Lucci go to Desperate Housewives?

Earlier this week, ABC announced that their 41-year-old hit soap opera, All My Children will be sent to the chopping board this September, and now the cast of AMC are scrambling to find new job offers. Susan Lucci, who plays Erica Kane in the Emmy-award winning show is said to be in talks with the same network to join the 6-year old dramedy, Desperate Housewives.

According to sources, Lucci is on a contract to take part in another gig for the network, and Lucci could divide her time equally between production of Desperate which starts filming in July, and Children which finishes filming in August. However, according to a Lucci rep, Susan will "not be filming Desperate Housewives in July." However, she could be a midseason addition.

What do you think? Should Lucci head over to Wisteria Lane, or should she find another offer?

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