Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites" Finale Predictions & Live Updates


  • Fourth Place: Eddie Fox
  • Third Place: Dawn Meehan
  • Second Place: Sherri Biethman
  • First Place: John Cochran
Actual Outcomes:
  • Third Place: Eddie Fox
  • Second Place (tie): Dawn Meehan, Sherri Biethman 
  • First Place: John Cochran

8:10 p.m.: Erik Reichenbach has been removed from the game due to dehydration and exhaustion. The remaining contestants are upsetted by this.
8:30 p.m.: Dawn Meehan, Eddie Fox, Sherri Biethman, and John Cochran participated in a reward challenge involving towers made of wooden cards. Cochran won the challenge as well as an advantage in the final immunity challenge. The advantage has not yet been revealed.
8:50 p.m.: Dawn, Eddie, Sherri, and Cochran just went on the annual nostalgic walk reminiscing about the contestants of the season.
9:03 p.m.: Dawn, Eddie, Sherri, and Cohcran participated in a semi-physical semi-puzzle challenge. Cochran's advantage is that he didn't not need to untie bags from a post, which the other contestants need to do. Sherri fell significantly behind in the challenge after struggling to untie her third and final bag. Cochran's advantage evaporated after he was unable to assemble the pieces of his puzzle, however he eventually caught up. Eddie spent a large amount of time with only one piece of his puzzle, unable to find other pieces. Cochran won the challenge after successfully completing the puzzle, with Sherri and Dawn close behind. The other contestants appeared proud of Cochran,who is now secured a spot in the final three provided he does not give his immunity to another contestant.
9:20 p.m.: Cochran has decided he should take Sherri with him to the Final 3 however is divided on his opinions for Dawn and Eddie; viewing them as potential threats. Tribal Council starts with the contestants discussing Erik's departure. Eddie and Cochran both think that Erik's departure allowed them a spot on the Final 3. Cochran says he is more confident than he was during the previous season. Dawn thinks Eddie will be on the Final 3, and Eddie argues that he has only betrayed one person on the jury. Sherri and Erik ask Cochran to vote for Dawn, however Dawn says she is not worried. Eddie votes for Dawn, and Dawn, Cochran, and Sherri vote for Eddie, effectively removing Eddie from the game. The Final 3 are Dawn Meehan, Sherri Biethman, and John Cochran. After his elimination, Eddie says that Sherri has "a 0% chance of winning" and that this is why she was brought to the Final 3. Eddie appears disappointed but not upset.
9:30 p.m.: Dawn, Sherri, and Cochran celebrate Final 3 with cocktails and vegetables. They are all very proud, and Dawn says she is confident that she will win and that she has enjoyed playing with Cochran for two seasons. Cochran says he feels unprepared to address the jury despite his education and knowledge in the game. The trio share an emotional moment before proceeding to Tribal Council to address the jury.
9:33 p.m.: Eddie has shaved! Dawn says in her opening statement that she feels that she played the game very humble and emotionally. She says she views Cochran as an important ally. She feels she has left her comfort zone this season but that she feels very proud. Sherri says in her opening statement says she is a successful business woman and that she entered the game looking at the contestants as employees, but that she feels she successfully integrated with the contestants. Cochran says in his opening statement says he is socially awkward and anxious but that he feels that he was like a therapist during the season and that timing was his greatest attribute during the game. The jury and contestants appear excited.
9:54 p.m.: Malcolm does not have a question for Sherri or Dawn, but he gives advice to Dawn telling her to be brave. Malcolm asks Cochran what attribute Cochran has that Malcolm doesn't. Malcolm appears happy with his answer. Eddie asks Sherri if she is willing to admit that she got carried to the Final 3 or if she thinks she is there for strategic reasons. Sherri says she was not "carried" to the Final 3 and the jury laughs at this. Eddie says that Dawn appeared emotional during the game. Eddie asks Cochran how the game has changed him, and Cochran says he has gained confidence and that he would feel comfortable hanging out with the "three amigos" (Eddie, Malcolm, and Reynold). Phillip tells Sherri that he is removing her from Stealth 'R Us and that he does not have a question for her. Phillip tells Dawn that she was too emotional during the game and therefore won't vote for her. Phillip says that he enjoyed playing the game with Cochran who he called a "Real-class act". Erik says that Dawn broke his trust when she voted for Brenda, and Dawn says that was only a strategic move. Erik tells Sherri that she was a "seashell on the beach" and that she did not make any significant moves. They end up in an argument. Dawn tells Michael that Cochran did not really make any strategic moves and that he often just "showed up and asked other people who he should vote for her". Cochran says Dawn's paranoia was crippling to their alliance and that Dawn says she was paranoid because of the pressure of the alliance. Cochran says if he hadn't become her "therapist", than Dawn would not still be in a game. Reynold tells Dawn that he has disliked her since the beginning of the game because she was not genuine and phony. Dawn says she was not aware of this, and that she thinks Reynold has a great sense of humor but that he is vulgar. Andrea says she is not bitter and that she is proud of the trio. She asks Cochran to compare himself to an animal, and he says he was a chameleon because he was adaptable to the timing of the game which allowed him a spot in the Final 3. Andrea says that Dawn played a strategic came. She does not have a question for Sherri. Brenda tells Cochran that they did not have an emotional bond. Cochran says he separated the game from his emotions, and Cochran says Brenda should vote for her because he was just playing the game. Brenda tells Dawn that she feels extremely betrayed by Dawn. Brenda says that she had Dawn's fate in her hands during the retainer incident. Brenda asks Dawn if she actually would have left the game if she didn't get her retainer back, and Dawn says that she wouldn't have actually pulled herself from the game, however Brenda doesn't believe her and asks her to take out her retainer to prove it, which Dawn does (and it is hilarious and slightly disturbing). Brenda does not ask Sherri a question.
Sherri says she doesn't think she will win. Cochran says he feels confident but that he is prepared for any outcome. Dawn says she doesn't think she will win but that she will be able to buy some new teeth. At 10:05pm, John Cochran is declared the $1,000,000 winner of Survivor: Caramoan in a unanimous decision; the first unanimous decision since Survivor: Tocantis in 2009. Cochran says he likely won't become a lawyer despite attending Harvard but aspires to be an author. Dawn says she went against her character and that she lost stability after voting out Corrine. Dawn says she shut down her Twitter account due to negativity. Brenda appears via satellite from Miami and says that she still feels hurt. Dawn tells Brenda that she didn't realize the move would hurt Brenda so much and that she wouldn't have betrayed her if she had known. Dawn apologizes however says that she doesn't entirely regret the decision. Brenda says she thinks Dawn is a good person, and Brenda reveals that she is pregnant and is due any day which is why she is appearing via satellite. Phillip inducts Jeff Probst into Stealth 'R Us. Boston Rob shows up and calls Phillip very entertaining. Jeff announces that the twenty-seventh season will begin filming on May 13, 2013. He doesn't announce where the season will take place, however shows a short clip of blood pouring as a "teaser" for the season and encourages visitors to guess details about the season on Twitter. Most are guessing the season will have something to do with families, while other possibilities include a cast full of people who have been back-stabbed, and a cast full of people who have been removed for medical reasons. It is announced Malcolm has shot a guest-spot on The Bold and the Beautiful. Andrea blames her loss on "attractive men" who distracted her. 71% of votes cast for Sprint Fan Favorite were for 2 contestants - Malcolm and Brenda, however the $100,000 prize ultimately went to Malcolm. The new season will be titled Survivor: Blood vs. Water. No word yet on where it will take place.

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