Thursday, May 9, 2013

Demi Lovato 'DEMI' Album Review!

Track by Track Review:

Key Tracks: "Heart Attack", "Without the Love"
Skip-overs: "Neon Lights", "In Case"

With her fourth album, Lovato continues to offer her signature Pop with R&B and Rock undertones sound, with this album going in a slightly more dance vibe than her previous efforts. Lovato's vocals shine through feel-good tracks such as "Heart Attack" and "Made in the USA", and through the inspirational "Warrior". The album makes throwbacks to 90's and early 2000's hits while also providing an electronic modern spin. However, while providing a handful of potential Summer hits, with Demi, Lovato ultimately fails to create any memorable tracks and doesn't seem to even be making an attempt to do anything non-generic. The wannabe-club banger "Neon Lights" is too over-produced, predictable, and unnecessarily auto tuned that it is not even remotely enjoyable, and the track "In Case" fails to be a memorable song due to its confusing themes. At its best moments, Demi has enough fun tracks to make it a Summer staple, and Lovato continues to offer her strong vocals on a majority of the album's tracks, however Demi ultimately doesn't offer anything outside of the box and Lovato continues to waste her potential by issuing mostly processed, typical Pop tracks that don't allow Lovato to escape her pop rock Disney persona.

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