Saturday, January 26, 2013

"X Factor USA" contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar discusses career

The X Factor U.S.A. runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar discussed just moments ago on WABC Radio what she has been up to for the last few months, what she is currently doing, and what is to come.

The five-minute radio interview discussed the topics of Tate Stevens narrowly beating Sonenclar out of the winner's title, her record deal negotiations, her work as a philanthropist, and an exciting event that will be happening tomorrow.

First off, Sonenclar talked via phone with The Saturday Cafe host Laura Smith about Stevens' claim of the number one spot. Sonenclar stated that she was slightly disappointed with her position as the runner up of the show, stating that after working that hard for so long it was disheartening not to win, however Sonenclar wished Stevens all the best and stated that she thought he was very talented. Following this, Carly revealed that shortly after the X Factor competition, which ended last month just before Christmas, she mostly did "normal things" such as spending time with her friends as well as piano and vocal practice, however that she has started writing music. She also announced that she has been in the recording studio, recording some original material however mostly just covers. She said that she will be releasing a pre-recorded cover on February 1 on, which will also include a Q&A session.

Getting into her professional career, she revealed that she officially appointed a manager last night. She did not reveal the name of the manager, however stated that she was excited to have them represent her. Although she has made a deal with a manager, she stated that X Factor producer, judge, and Syco head Simon Cowell still has "some say" over her career.

Most notably, in the topic that all of the loyal "Carly's Angels" fans have been discussing, Carly revealed that - while she has yet to pen an official record deal - Syco Music (which is the record label founded by Simon Cowell that has already signed X Factor contestants Tate Stevens, Fifth Harmony, and Emblem3) has "dibs" on her, however that they have not yet decided "what to do" with her.

A very exciting event that will go down tomorrow is the parade that has been entirely dedicated to Carly. The parade will take place in Carly's hometown of Mamaroneck, New York; a town that consists of about 30,000 people. The parade will be about two hours long, beginning at 2:30. Carly stated that she wouldn't necessarily enjoy the attention that the parade would give her, however that she was looking forward to thanking people for their support; before, during, and after her X Factor stint. The parade will see the appearance of floats and celebrations and will see Sonenclar herself as the Grand Marshal. Carly will make a statement to the crowd during the parade.

Click here to watch Carly's incredible audition for X Factor where she sang "Feeling Good". The audition has racked up over 25 million views since September and shows Carly's highly-applauded performance. The 7-minute video is by far the most watched X Factor season 2 performance. Click here to watch Carly's performance "Hallelujah", which was her final competitive performance on the show.

Below is "My Heart Will Go On", our personal favorite performance of Carly's.

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