Thursday, June 7, 2012

Q&A with Matthew LaVernon - June 7

Today, we sat down with Matthew LaVernon in our New York offices to discuss his upcoming projects, his hiatus, You Just Got Mugged!, and his wife's pregnancy.

Q: Oh well, hello stranger!
A: For god's sake, I honestly can't believe I'm back here doing another interview with you people, I should just move into your offices, it would be a lot more convenient. -laughs-

Q: You just keep coming back here because you love us.
A: If you just gave me a little sleeping bag and a place to call home I would love you a whole lot more.

Q: How are you enjoying your little break hiatus so far?
A: Well considering it just started yesterday, it's been pretty fucking good. I'm not sure how I can call it a break when I still have to do a bunch of interviews until the end of the month, but it's still nice not to have to go in to work every day.

Q: I know your wife is pregnant, congratulations on that, so how are the next few months looking for you?
A: Thanks so much, yes she's due July 31, but I mean we both have a feeling it will be at least a little sooner. Her and I were both preemies so maybe it's in the genes, I don't know. But basically the next few months are gonna be pretty relaxed, just hanging around the house and getting ready for the new addition to our family. It's very nerve-racking, we're trying to take it slow and stay calm but it's hard, it's definitely hard.

Q: I heard you were going on vacation, though?
A: You know what, it's still sort of up in the air. Back in January or so when we didn't exactly know when she was due, we were planning on going to Cuba in July, but I'm not sure if air flight would be good for the baby, so we don't know yet. I think we'll probably just do some road trips around the country, there's some places I'd like to visit.

Q: So your show YJGM! is about to come to a close for the Summer, sort of like you, yourself are doing.
A: Yeah, the last episode before we go on hiatus airs on June 22. It's a really great episode, there's a lot of shit going on in it. I'm not allowed to say anything about it, but there's literally so many different plots for the episode that we've released on different websites to try to trick people. It's a weird episode, but it's great. One of my favourites.

Q: And the last episode before that 2-part episode on the 21st and 22nd airs tomorrow?
A: Yes, that will be Tornado Wars, which airs June 8. I really like that one too, we tried a little something new with it.

Q: I heard that there is an extended version of Tornado Wars?
A: A lot of the past couple episodes have had 2 versions; extended and standard. It's just - I don't know, really. There's just some stuff that we're not allowed to use for the final standard cut, so we just fit it in to an extended version.

Q: Apparently there were some profanic scenes at the beginning of tomorrow's episode that were cut?
A: That's what went down, yeah. I can just tell you, that those scenes will be available in the extended cut. Everything just got blown way out of proportion, we were just trying to try something new.

Q: What do you mean 'new'?
A: There were just some dick jokes we through around at the beginning of the episode. Jon is a weatherman, so we got some - um - questionable images to include there in his little weather report that got cut. You'll see them in the extended version, though.

Q: Dick jokes? I thought the show was targeted to a younger audience.
A: I think our audience is slowly changing to sort of a teen audience. Before our target was ages 10-14, but now I think it's more like 15-19, which is weird because it's a show about coffee mugs, almost like a live action cartoon. But yeah, we just found some weather satellite images that looked like cocks and shit, and we just tossed it in. It's funny, I like dirty jokes, they're fucking hilarious. I think as time goes on things change, so the show has changed, I suppose. I think it's for the better.

Q: When will Season 3 return after the hiatus?
A: September 21.Which is a ways down the road but we'll have some previews and shit going on in the Summer, and that should keep the fans tied over, I think. It'll be worth the fucking wait, I promise.

Q: I think we're actually going to be seeing you again pretty soon.
A: I'm supposed to come back June 22, to talk about the last episode before the hiatus, and then that will be my last interview that I have to do before I go on break until the beginning of September. So, as long as that baby stays in there, I should be back then.

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