Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Survivor: One World" Finale Predictions


One World. One Show. One Finale.

Tonight is the finale of the 24th season of Survivor, this season billed "Survivor: One World".

Just moments ago, Alicia's voting off was aired on CBS. Now, the final four contestants are preparing to plead their case to the jury in hopes to win the $1 million prize, and the title of Sole Survivor.

With only four contestants - Christina Cha, Chelsea Meissner, Kim Spradlin, and Sabrina Thompson left, we're making our final predictions for the placement of the contestants.

Fourth Place: Chelsea Meissner
Third Place: Kim Spradlin
Second Place: Christina Cha
First Place (Sole Survivor): Sabrina Thompson

Fourth Place: Christina Cha
Third Place: Chelsea Meissner
Second Place: Sabrina Thompson
First Place (Sole Survivor): Kim Spradlin

The live portion of the finale is expected to begin at 10 pm, when the official winner will be announced. As the show progresses, we will post the episode's progress here on First Stop News.

9:08 pm EST Update: Kim Spradlin has just won the final immunity challenge of the season, securing her a guaranteed spot in the Final 3. Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha, and Sabrina Thompson will be taking place in the second last Tribal Council of the season, with Kim safe from Tribal Council.

9:20 pm EST Update: Christina Cha has just been voted off in a 3-1 vote. (Chelsea, Sabrina, and Kim all voted for Christina, while Christina voted for Sabrina) The Final 3 will now enter their final day in the South Pacific, and will plead their case to the 9-person jury of why they should be awarded $1 million and the title of the Sole Survivor. My prediction for the winner remains Sabrina.

9:54 pm EST Upate: The contestants have pled their case and the jury will begin voting or the Sole Survivor after the commercial break. The live show will begin in approximately 6 minutes.

10:04 pm EST Update: Kim Spradlin has just received the title of Sole Survivor and the prize of $1 million. Sabrina Thompson finished in second place, with Chelsea Meissner finishing in third place. Kim was named the winner in a 7-2-0 vote. (Kim got 7 votes, Sabrina got 2 votes, and Chelsea got 0 votes) The season finale aired live from New York City.

Thanks for following our predictions of the finale, we hope to see you back in December for the finale of the 25th season! Thanks, and have a great summer!

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