Monday, February 20, 2012

We Are Saviour's Nicholas Pearson to pursue solo career

Two weeks ago, Canadian electropop trio We Are Saviour announced on Twitter that they disbanded last Summer, and had sold unreleased songs to Cape and Horn Records to release within the next few years in a compilation album titled We Are Saviour: The Collection, which was chosen as the name under contract. Now, we are exclusively reporting that We Are Saviour lead, Nicholas Pearson will be pursuing a solo career, now that his band has dissloved.

"Nothing has been finalized yet, but I will be doing a solo career," Pearson, 24, said in a phone interview with us, yesterday evening. "My record label is currently shopping for a new name, as it is currently titled Saviour-Pearson Records, and the 'Saviour' part of that name is no longer existent [...] It's very exciting to be pursuing a solo career, without any boundaries or anything from the other band members. Now, I can do, musically, whatever I would like."

Surprisingly, Pearson also expressed interest in working with former bandmade, Hannah Hash on his solo album. "Hannah remains a great friend of mine, I know she understands why the band broke up, and I have remained in contact with her, through the past few months, since the band broke up in August. She understands it's just business."

However, he wasn't as open on a collaboration with the third member of the trio; Charles "Charlie" Boulevardez. "Charlie and I, unfortunately, have not remained in contact with each other. We haven't spoken since October, when I texted him for his Birthday - but even that was just through texts. But, what's done is done."

While Pearson will eventually be pursuing a solo career, he stated it likely wouldn't be any time soon. "I wouldn't be looking in to rushing it, it'd be a very gradual kind of thing. I can't see a solo single anywhere for at least, maybe a year, and an album would be closer to two years away."

We also asked Pearson about when he expected Cape and Horn to release the unreleased We Are Saviour tracks from their cancelled third album, The Reason Why, which had been due for release in September 2011 before the band's August 2011 dissolution. "I honestly have no idea, they have full rights to those songs, they can release them whenever they'd like; it could be tomorrow, or it could be 20 years from now. We basically just sold the songs to them so that the songs wouldn't be sitting obsolete in a dark vault somewhere for all of eternity."

While Pearson isn't in a rush to have those songs released, he stated that he would like to give a special something to fans before the release of anything from his solo projects. "It's been 8 months since that last single, and I think the fans may be getting a bit restless. I have a few vocals and little snippits of forgotten things in my home that no one owns right now, and I think that if I could just get Charlie and Hannah's permission, I could turn those little pieces into something bigger - like a goodbye song, sort of. I'm sure Hannah would be on board, it's Charlie that I'm worried about."

After a pause, he added, "It could be closer than some may think, if I could just get permission."

We Are Saviour released their first two albums 13THIRTY and Strobe in the Fall of 2010. They released a single in July 2011, and nothing musically has been heard from them since, as the band broke up in August 2011.

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